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Table 1 Order of branching of posterior cord

From: Variations in branching of the posterior cord of brachial plexus in a Kenyan population

Order of branching No (%)
UTA(L)R 32 (42.7)
UTLAR 8 (10.7)
TA(UL)R 5 (6.7)
TC(UL)AR 3 (4.0)
UT(L)AR 3 (4.0)
UTA(L)McnaR 2 (2.7)
TUA(L)R 2 (2.7)
Others 20 (26.7)
Total 75 (100)
  1. Note: The nerve within the brackets originated from the nerve preceding them. For example, in UTA(L)R, lower subscapular nerve originated from Axillary nerve.
  2. Others: TA(UL)R, T1A(UL)T2R, 2UA(LT)R, ULTAR, UT1A(LT2)R, 2UA(L)TR, UA(L)TR, 2ULA(T)R, T1UT2A(L)R, U1T(U2)LAR, UA(TL)R, Mcna and MCnfa
  3. A number preceding a letter means there were two branches of the nerve represented by the letter.
  4. Abbreviations
  5. A- Axillary nerve.
  6. L- Lower subscapular nerve.
  7. Mcna- Medial cutaneous nerve of the arm.
  8. Mcnfa- Medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm.
  9. R- Radial nerve.
  10. T- Thoracodorsal nerve.
  11. U- Upper subscapular.