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Table 6 Amplitudes of CMAP of the right and left UNE and also in the dominant and non-dominant hand, recorded from ADM and FDI, respectively, are compared

From: Ulnar nerve at the elbow – normative nerve conduction study

Comparisons of the ulnar amplitude of CMAP (wrist stimulation)
Registration Mean [SD] Significance of the difference
Right ADM 9,4 [2.1] p=0.05
Left ADM 9,1 [2.1]
Right FDI 11,3 [3.8] NS
Left FDI 11,3 [4.1]
Dominant hand ADM 10,0 [2.2] p=0.002
Non-dominant hand ADM 9.4 [2.3]
Dominant hand FDI 11.8 [4.0] NS
Non-dominant hand FDI 11.8 [4.3]
  1. As for FDI, the difference between the right and left UNE was not significant (NS). However, the difference reached borderline statistical significance in the case of ADM. The mean amplitude of CMAP registered from the right ADM was slightly higher than in the case of the left UNE. For ADM, the amplitude of CMAP of UNE in the dominant hand was significantly higher than in the non-dominant hand. The difference for FDI was non significant.